We Remembered

We remembered.

We avoided eye contact at first.

We got dressed and put on make-up.

We went to brunch and toasted with champagne.

We enjoyed a little retail therapy and indulged in sweet treats. Both helped for a little while.

We received dozens of beautiful flowers and at least a 100 of other tokens of love and well wishes throughout the day in the form of phone calls, text messages, Facebook and Twitter posts. Each one helped immensely.

We listened to their favorite music and smiled.

We talked about the year ahead and what they would be missing.

We drew animals and painted shapes with Lucas and giggled.

We sat around the dining room table and devoured the comfort food my husband prepared. There were more toasts.

We looked through the sympathy cards we were sent four years ago. Many I had not read before. All of them heartfelt.

We went to a movie and sat side by side in the dark and laughed in all the same places.

We hugged.

We cried.

We remembered.

Another anniversary come and gone.

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  1. says

    I understand this all too well. Especially the days you actually have to remind yourself to breathe in & out. You find yourself forgetting to exhale and you catch yourself thinking for a moment, “How long have I been holding my breath?!” Remind yourself: In, out, rise & repeat. Much love to you & your sister.

    • Tonya says

      Thanks, Nichole. Yes, sometimes just remembering how to breathe is difficult. Luckily, my sister and I were together.

    • Tonya says

      As much as we would have rather had spent the day in jammies in front of the TV, it was the right thing to do to get dressed, get out and feel. I’m so glad that my sister and I had/have each other.

  2. says

    I wish that you didn’t have this day each year but I am SO glad you have your sister to remember with you. Sounds like you spent the day the best way that you could, together.

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