Golden Slumbers

Do you know how many times we check on you after you fall asleep at night?

We carefully tip-toe into your bedroom, breathe in your scent, make sure you are tucked in and that the temperature is just right.

Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby.

 We reposition and adjust your small body and limbs for your maximum comfort and safety.

We locate your lovey and place it gently in your arms, where it can easily be found if needed.

Golden slumbers, fill your eyes. Smiles await you when you rise.

We tenderly reassure you, “Mommy and Daddy love you so much” and give you kisses.

We put toys and books back in their places and pick up little socks from the floor.

Sleep pretty darling, do not cry, and I will sing a lullaby.

We make silent wishes that your sleep is sound and your dreams are sweet.

Between the time when you go to bed and we go to bed, there are at least three visits. Maybe more. Sometimes you stir, but usually not. Sometimes there are complete, yet sleepy incoherent conversations.

No matter how trying the day was, or what struggles we endured during dinner and bath time, your peaceful face is the last thing we long to see each night before we close our own eyes.

Once there was a way to get back homeward. Once there was a way to get back home.

We quietly leave your room knowing how blessed we are and gladly leave another piece of our hearts warm and safe with you.

Sleep, pretty darling, do not cry and I will sing a lullaby.

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  1. Sally says

    This one made me tear up – we do the same thing each night! One look at their little faces after they’ve fallen asleep and anything bad from the day is washed away. Love the picture of Lucas with his little car too!

  2. says

    I always check on the kids a few times through the evening. Such a sweet post Tonya :)

    Also, isn’t it adorable how every child feels the need to sleep with a toy!

  3. says

    This is so sweet and lovely. And he is adorable sleeping!

    My kids are such terrible sleepers that I can only poke my head into their rooms. If I attempt to straighten a blanket, they’re up :(

  4. says

    Sleeping kids are the most precious thing in the entire world.

    And I admire your bravery. If I checked on Eddie or attempted to move him while sleeping, he would assume that means it’s time to get up and party.

    So we have to leave him.

  5. says

    I check on the kiddos every time I pass their room. Sometimes I just peek in. Others, I walk in and make sure all is right in their quiet slumbering world.

  6. says

    It’s beautiful and so very true. Everyday I write a letter my son and I can only wish that I could write him something as incredibly touching as this post.

  7. says

    This is beautiful. I cherish those moments when I stand next to my daughter’s bed, give her a kiss, and whisper, “Mommy loves you” in her ear while she is sleeping.

  8. says

    I absolutely love sneaking into my girls’ room once they’ve fallen asleep. They’re finally still and I can just breathe in their cuteness!

    By the way, love the pics of your little one! =)

  9. says

    I was a teenager once I became aware that my grandfather checked on me every night before he left for work. Every night of my life lived under their roof, that man walked in my room, made sure I was tucked in under covers and kissed my forehead. As a teenager, I thought he was silly and wished he would stop. I couldn’t understand WHY he did such a thing.

    And now I have my own babies (who aren’t babies anymore) and I find myself doing the same thing. When I return laundry to their room after they’ve been asleep, I sit and stare at their beautiful faces and wonder how I got so lucky.

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