The Things Lucas Says

Kids say the darnedest things… darnedest, most embarrassing, completely sincere, funniest, totally annoying and very heart-tugging things.

Here are some of my current favorites out of my kid’s mouth:

Upon hearing a baby or toddler crying, Lucas will exclaim, “Maybe he needs some uppy.” (as in, the child needs to be picked up).

When searching for anything, Lucas calls out in a singsong voice, “Oh car, where are you?”.

Lucas told a caregiver at the Kids Club at the gym recently that he had a sister and when I asked him about his fib, he replied, “I don’t have a sister yet, but I will someday.” Perhaps he knows something I don’t.

Before we go anywhere, Lucas asks if he can bring something, typically a lot of something (a pile of books, a bucket full of cars, five stuffed animals, etc.) and I always try to limit the quantity, wherein the negotiating begins and he’ll say, “I’ll just bring them in the car, but not take them in the supermarket.” He’s a smart kid and this logic works on me every time.

Out of the clear blue, Lucas will profess his love for his lovey by saying, “I love lovey, he’s my buddy.” It’s so sweet and endearing.

We hear, “Not today, dear.” in response to a lot of questions these days. This is a line from Corduroy, one of Lucas’ favorite books. I HATE the word dear as a term of endearment so this one bugs me to no end.

Corduroy by Don Freeman

Saving the best for last, Lucas says “OMG” and appropriately. It cracks me up each and every time. I take full credit for this one.

What funny things do your kids say?

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  1. says

    Layla says some of the same things. She’s allowed to take her toys in the car but not into the store so she tells me that and the other day she was saying OMG.

    Also, she told me that her sister freaks her out and that her chapstick was stupid.


  2. says

    Those are hilarious and so precious!

    My 2.5 year old does a mean Ed McMahon right now. The whole ‘Eh-Oh!’ like Johnny Carson is going to walk into the house. It’s priceless.

    • Tonya says

      Very cute. Lucas will say, “it’s okay to make a mess, we can clean it up later.”. They are funny creatures.

  3. Colleeen P says

    When I ask Andy, “Who’s got it better than us?” He always replies, “Nobody.” I guess the sports sayings have rubbed off on him. The funny kid-isms don’t end at 4 or 5, they just get more mature and different themed….

  4. JennB says

    Love this. Lucas is so sweet. And J totally does the singing where are you too. So cute. We were in the grocery store “milk…where are you?” where did they get that?

  5. says

    My kids pull the same trick with taking toys in the car. My van is now loaded with about 5 billion trains and cars thanks to them.

    Dylan also repeats lines from certain songs. But of course not the most kid friendly ones either. 😉

    • Tonya says

      The negotiations crack me up! He knows I will load up the car with his toys, I just won’t bring them in any where with us.

  6. says

    We bargain about the things in the car/to the store, too.

    And her lovey, which is inexplicably called her “Boop”…I will hear her saying, “Oh, Boopy, I love you so much. You’re the softest.”

    • Tonya says

      I feel like we bargain and negotiate all day long. It’s exhausting because he’s so good at it!

      Boop is the cutest!

  7. says

    the first one is so sweet! an uppy….*love*
    and the baby sister comment…hmmm…who knows what Lucas knows…
    and babe, my kids say so much crazy stuff it would overflow your comment section

  8. Leah says

    He really does the cutest things ever! I hope he keeps some of the those phrases for a long time. My favorite still is when he randomly bursts out “I missed you “Eah” or “I love you so much Eah” or “Thank you for playing with me” or “can you play with me Eah?” Aaaahhh, i could ramble off a million more!

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