If I Could Turn Back Time

At 18 we think we know it all. At least I sure did and as it turned out, as it does with most 18 year olds, I didn’t know a damn thing. If I could go back and read a letter from my future self, here’s what it would say:

There will be loss, disappointment and a lot of tears, but for the most part, you will have a very blessed life. Enjoy it, be grateful, don’t be so hard on yourself, have fun and be young and carefree. It goes by so fast.

Among some other things regarding men and hairstyles to avoid…

Today, I’m happy to be at Jamie’s Chosen Chaos sharing a letter to my dumber younger self. Please come read it won’t you?

Jamie was a guest on Letters For You a couple of weeks ago and if you missed her letter to her older self, please read it here.

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