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Ever since Galit and Nicole posed the question, Who Do You Speak For?, it has been on my mind.

I have an amazing life but it has been touched with tragedy and loss. My heartaches are no deeper than yours.

I share my story here and it helps me more than I ever thought it would.

Or could. 

I speak for those who can’t because they are no longer here, those who don’t and those who won’t. I share my story so that I don’t feel so alone in my trials and growth and so that I may help somebody in a similar situation in the process.

I speak for my son in the hope that he will know me better and understand how much he is loved and adored. I write about his childhood and all the amazing (and sometimes trying) moments that bring joy to my life simply because he is here.

Sometimes I worry about revealing too much, but this is my space and these are my thoughts, feelings and memories and I always speak from the heart.

It is the only way I know.


This post is for Galit and Nicole‘s Mother’s Day linky, Who Do You Speak For?. I urge you to share the reasons why you blog and how you use your voice.

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  1. says

    Ohmyheart, this? Is perfection.

    And so, so very you.

    Your heart and your conviction to be your own voice and to represent others, is evident in every post.

    (I really love what you wrote about those who can’t, won’t, and don’t.)

    Really beautifully done, you!

    • Tonya says

      Thank you, Galit. It was a wonderful prompt and I appreciate you and Nicole posing the question.

      I love my little corner of the Internet. :)

  2. says

    I love that you share it. That you Share You! I hear your heart. Your struggles. Your joy. Your strength.

    You had a part in getting me off my butt. Out. of my pity. Your stories inspired a touch of mine. And now you know. Thanks for sharing you.

    I wrote mine in bed last night. These two ladies are great.

    • Tonya says

      Thank you for your kind words and knowing that I have helped you makes my heart swell. :) I look forward to reading about YOUR VOICE!

  3. says

    oh yes, your voice is beautiful and BIG for all these things. I am so happy that I have HEARD your voice and it echoes in my heart every single day. :)

  4. says

    I’m pretty sure I won’t post in time for the linky, but this has been brewing in my head lately. Along with why do I keep my little spot in the interweb, I think about whom I am writing for.

    The easy answer is it’s for me and my family and that is whom I wrote for.

    But we all know the answer is never that easy.

    • Tonya says

      Oh, I would LOVE to read your answer to this question. But, you’re right, it’s not as easy as it sounds. I think more than anything or anyone, I write for ME. I write because I almost HAVE to. I think you would agree. xoxo

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