In The Moment

I’d be lost without local publications, such as Parenting OC.

This free magazine offers help for mothers of newborns, tots, preschoolers and teens. It contains award-winning articles with family wellness information, baby care tips, and OC school listings.

Their summer camp issue is one of my favorites and I also love their monthly calendar of things to do in and around Orange County and the In The Moment feature.

Especially this months…


I submitted this photo in December and can’t believe it has finally been published. I am delighted! With a circulation of over 70,000, little Miss Lola is going to be everywhere.

Thank you to my friend, Shelby for the encouragement. Photography is something that I have always adored and hope to improve over time.

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A Visit To The Easter Bunny

When Lola and I picked Lucas up from school yesterday I asked him if he would have his picture taken with his sister and the Easter Bunny and very much to my surprise, he said he would!

Proud of the fact that I didn’t have to put up a fight or that he asked for nothing in return (I have found that age five is all about the art of the negotiation), I told him after pictures I would take him to get an ice cream cone. He made an awful face and said no, so I offered him a trip to the cupcake store and again he said no. Starting to feel very confused, I said, “cookie?” and that was when he sheepishly asked if we could go to the bookstore and he could get a book instead of a treat explaining, “Because mom, an ice cream cone will be gone in like two seconds, but a book will last forever.”

Be still my book loving heart!


Who is this kid?

After both children were absolute rock stars waiting in the hot sun for nearly an hour to have their photo taken with a giant person stuffed into an Easter Bunny costume, Lucas got not one, but three new books!

And as if my son hadn’t impressed me enough already, one of the books he chose was a gift for his friend. I love the ways my children surprise and delight me.

Here’s our photo! It isn’t great, they both have goofy looks on their faces, but I love it. Lola is wearing a beautiful hand-me-down dress from her cousins, who are now 13 and 11 respectively.


Lucas, 5.10 – Lola, 14 months

Happy Good Friday, happy Easter and happy Spring, everyone!

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