This Boy

Oh, how I love this boy!


Photo by Tereza Harper, January 27, 2015

This boy who made me a mommy.

This boy who brings magic and joy to my life when I need it most.

This boy who is healthy and intelligent and creative and kind.

This boy who makes me act silly and come up with nonsensical song lyrics and dance around the kitchen.

This boy who knows exactly what to say to get me on the trampoline.

This boy who has me learning Skylanders characters and sharing the latest Star Wars movie previews and downloading games with names like Pixel Gun and Buddyman to our iPad.

This boy who costs me at least $20 more every time I take him with me to the supermarket.

This boy who I can’t say no to when it comes to books.

This boy who shares my love of dinning out and being pampered.

This boy who is sensitive and rambunctious, curious and insightful.

This boy who can push each and every single one of my hot buttons to the point where I am in tears and yet, I love him anyway.

This boy who I schedule play dates for, buy his favorite snacks, pay a dollar so he’ll run upstairs to check on his napping sister and can make me giggle until I almost pee in my pants.

This boy owns me.

This boy is gold.

Lucas, my sweet boy, you are awesome and being your mom makes me happier than anything else I have ever done, or will ever do in my lifetime.

I believe in you and know you will reach any goal you set your mind to. I am on your side, your cheerleader, and biggest fan. Always!

I can’t wait to see what six holds.

Happy Golden Birthday, fellow.

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Deliriously Happy

Although my husband might disagree, it really doesn’t take a lot to make me happy.

My children, of course top my happy list, especially when they too are in good spirits, getting along and healthy. For months they have both been battling the icks. I have seen more snot and cleaned up more vomit lately than I ever care to.

My husband also makes me happy and I appreciate all the little (and big) things he does to keep our family safe, secure and on track. Going though life with your best friend is well, the best and I’m lucky that he loves me.

But here are 10 more things that are currently making me very happy (in no particular order):

1. My neighborhood. I love that I can walk a mile and a half or less and be at a grocery store, my favorite lunch spots, an office supply store, great boutiques, two different libraries, the bank, one of five parks and countless other great spots.

2. Netflix. Because how else could I have binged watched all three seasons of Scandal in 19 days?! The struggle is real, people! Season 4 is available June 13!!

3. Dave Matthews Band. Duh. 3 months until I see my favorite musician in concert again!

4. Sunny days. Not hot, just sunny. Warm. Preferably spent poolside. With a cocktail.

5. Exercise. No, really. I have to move daily. For my sanity and those around me.

6. Our new patio cover. It has basically given us a whole new room! It took a year and a half to build but it was worth the wait and it has already changed the way we live.

7. The perfect shot. I don’t really know anything about photography and all the photos I take are with my iPhone, but I know the second I get the perfect shot. I’m super excited to take a photography class this summer and learn all about my new Nikon d40, a gift from a dear friend.

8. Amazon Prime. Enough said.

9. Did I mention these two?


Mother’s Day, 2015

10. Writing. Purging, getting it out of my head, off my chest and on paper, so to speak. A completed blog post or piece of writing of any kind that I’m proud of makes me very, very happy!

What makes you happy?

This post was written for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, Prompt 2. List ten things that make you HAPPY.

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