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As a busy and sleep deprived mom of two, I don’t have nearly as much time as I used to to read magazines or even my Twitter feed to find out what’s going on in the world. I have also stopped watching many of my favorite shows, but there is one that I DVR religiously… The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. I have laughed my way through every single episode since he took over on February 17, 2014 and I look forward to it each day. Of course, I’m day behind, but at least I feel hipper watching it.

I grew up begging to stay up late to watch Johnny Carson host the now 60 year old Tonight Show but not because I really cared about the show or guests, but because my parents did. I never tuned in to Jay Leno because I didn’t connect with him. I respect the Tonight Show institution and when I heard Fallon was taking over, I knew he’d breathe new life into it and do a stellar job in the process.

If you’re not watching, you should be!

10 things I love about The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

1. Fallon was amazing on SNL and has proven to have impeccable comedic timing.

2. His monologue keeps me on top of entertainment and world news. He also “gets” social media and uses pop culture references that I appreciate and identify with. This must be why my parents enjoyed Carson. A host you can relate to equals good entertainment.

3. He’s goofy, funny, cute, and so talented. I wish he were my neighbor!

4. I adore his childlike enthusiasm for his awesome guests. He genuinely gets visibly starstruck and it’s super adorable.

5. He doesn’t just conduct boring interviews, he makes his guests do wacky things like roller golf, participate in lip-synching contests, and play flip cup and beer pong.

6. His bromance with Justin Timberlake. Together they are truly unstoppable and hilarious. Case and point: History of Rap 5.

7. His impressions. Have you seen his Tom Petty or Vladimir Putin?

8. The endearing way he talks about his daughter and fatherhood.

9. His banter with his sidekick, Higgins. When the two of them go at it, it can be pee in your pants funny. They have an incredible connection and none of their playful back and forth is scripted.

10. This video (okay, so it’s from his old show, but still)…. Dave Matthews GPS spoof.

This post was written for Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop, Prompt 5) List 10 things you love about your favorite show.

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    I love Jimmy Fallon and agree with everything you said. I’m always a day behind, but I watch every single show and laugh hysterically each time. He’s so funny, but also endearing.

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    Oh yes, he’s great! I don’t catch his show nearly enough, but when I see snippets…well there’s just something about him – so funny, but also kind, not mean spirited. He truly enjoys what he does and you can see that. Plus he’s sooooo cute! :)

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    He is really adorable. Sometimes, when the more seasoned guys do those shows, it seems their laughter is kind of fixed or fake. More like a, “I will give you a chuckle, but I am so bored with all of this. But Jimmy laughs with his whole being;.


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    You know, I wasn’t a huge fan of Fallon on SNL — he always felt a little too corporate, or a little too “safe” . . . but, I really like the way his show works – a combination of goofy and funny and informative that may still be “safe” as far as comedy goes, but it works perfectly for his timeslot.

    Plus, the Roots.

    And the Muppet send off for the transition might, well, that was just magical.

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    He is the best!! I’m never able to stay awake long enough to watch, but I subscribe to the show’s YouTube channel and they upload all the good stuff.

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    Agree with everything you said, especially #6. I love Jimmy and Justin together!! I also love his lip-sync offs… Finally there’s great late-night TV for us night owls :)


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